Choi and Chipman basking in their trashion. JOSHUA KUCKENS/THE BATES STUDENT

For the 10th year in a row, after Harvest Dinner has been conquered, very full Batesies head to the Gray Cage to watch recycled materials modeled into high-end fashion. The 2015 Trashion Show, hosted by the Bates Eco-reps, raises awareness about sustainability and recycling through transforming recycled goods into very stylish outfits. The eco-reps also give us statistics about garbage, recycling, waste and sustainability so we can make more informed decisions about where our waste goes.

I personally love the Trashion Show because the outfits that people create are extremely creative and beautiful. Fashion is definitely an art, and to create such forward pieces from “trash” is not something one sees everyday. Everyone always creates such interesting and different outfits, but I was especially excited to see the outfit created by Kevin Tejada ’17. He has been entering an outfit into the Trashion Show since his freshman year and they never disappoint.

This year’s piece was worn by Elise Krims ’16, and appeared to be inspired by a peacock, as it had a cape-like attachment that draped her back and arms. The dress itself was a very cute form-fitting mini dress with embellishments on the chest, and it fit Krims perfectly. She looked extremely chic and the outfit used a variety of recycled goods. Tejada used magazines, newspapers, crushed cans, garbage bags and other materials to create his look, winning him “Most Creative.”

Another outfit that I loved was Lisa Choi’s ’17, modeled by Hanna Chipman ’17, because of how versatile it was. Her outfit transformed with nearly every turn on the runway. She took her coat off on one, and her skirt off on the other, revealing harem-like pants. The skirt was made of tea bags from Commons, and was very colorful but still muted, so it was fun but wearable. The pants looked quite comfortable but also stylish, and I liked the idea that one could have multiple looks from one outfit. The idea of an outfit change has always seemed very glamorous to me after watching brides have one on TLC (guilty pleasure). Needless to say, Choi’s look won “Best Overall,” and Chipman did a great job showcasing all the ways one can wear this look.

The Trashion Show is an excellent way to end Harvest Dinner. The show raises awareness for sustainability and encourages creative thought and processes, the electronic music blasting has people dancing in their seats and wondering where they could find the songs. It also gives students an opportunity to digest the obscene amount of pumpkin dip they’ve eaten before returning to the library. Lisa, if you’re reading this, I would love an outfit (with an outfit change)!