Ryerson and Brittis-Tannenbaum seek to create new traditions for the Class of 2016. MAX HUANG/THE BATES STUDENT

Ryerson and Brittis-Tannenbaum seek to create new traditions for the Class of 2016. MAX HUANG/THE BATES STUDENT

Andre Brittis-Tannenbaum and Sally Ryerson have been elected as the new senior class co-presidents. The Bates Student sat down with one co-president, Ryerson, and asked her a few questions.

The Bates Student: Why did you decide to run for senior class president?

Sally Ryerson: We wanted to see the class really bond as a cohesive unit not just during senior week, but all year round. I think our class does have something special and Andre and I wanted to ensure that senior week is the best one that Bates has ever seen.

We also thought this role is really cool because the role of the senior class president lasts a lifetime, meaning that we are in charge of the reunions and fostering the relationships between members of the Class of 2016 beyond senior year.

TBS: What are some of your plans and goals as president?

SR: Instead of doing the previously established events for senior week, we want to find new ones and create new traditions. We want to keep the old ones, but possibly have a night where the whole senior class goes out and parties on a boat. I have these crazy ideas, like taking advantage of the slope by Page by creating a slip and slide.

I also want to keep the line of communication open between the student body and the Administration because I know that a lot of students feel like their voices are not being heard. As senior class presidents we really want to make every voice heard. I am considering creating an anonymous drop box where people can post their ideas and concerns. They can either have their name attached to it or not because sometimes it can be easier for people to be anonymous. Then, Andre and I can bring those points up to the Administration just to make sure that every person on campus is being heard.

TBS: What are some skills that you possess that you think fit well with the role of the president?

SR: Andre and I have co-hosted numerous events together. We can deal with the stress that comes along when you have to organize and plan a specific event. We have really big and wild imaginations and that creativity is really important in planning events. Our communication skills are also vital, for Andre and I love to talk—sometimes too much, but we believe it will be an asset in this case.

One thing that I need to work on is keeping organized with the little details encompassing an event, but Andre and I will be on top of this and have been mentally preparing for this.

TBS: What are some challenges you have run into recently?

SR: We have not run into challenges yet because it is so early in the process. The only challenge that we have run into was during the campaigning process where people took down our posters, but I think it is because we are not supposed to put posters up on the glass wall.

However, I am sure there will be some challenges later on while working with the Administration and the deans. There are bound to be some conflicting opinions along the way and it is part of our deal to work through those problems.

TBS: How had you been campaigning?

SR: We have been utilizing Facebook and the Class of 2016 page. We made a Facebook event and invited all the seniors and reminded them to vote. We also went around to Commons and talked to the tables with seniors. We merely reminded them to log onto Garnet Gateway and cast their vote because that can always slip people’s minds when so many things are going on. The last thing they may be thinking is, “I need to get on Garnet Gateway.”