Get excited! On Saturday, November 7th, T-Pain is performing at the Big Fall Concert. All thanks to the Chase Hall Committee (CHC), who is responsible for planning most of the events considered Bates traditions.

For those who do not know, T-Pain is a successful singer, recording artist, songwriter, rapper, record producer, entrepreneur and actor. He is known for popularizing the “Auto-tune” technique: the use of computer software to manipulate one’s pitch. T-Pain, his stage name, is short for “Tallahassee Pain,” after the hardships he faced while growing up there. He has come a long way; he founded his own record label, Nappy Boy Entertainment, in 2005, and has been featured on countless hit songs, including Flo Rida’s debut single, “Low.” He is a two time Grammy Award Winner and his second album, Epiphany, released in 2007, reached Number 1 on Billboard charts.

CHC prides itself on putting the student body first in all its decisions. In a democratic fashion, T-Pain was chosen through an online survey sent to students over the summer. The survey included popular artists Rae Sremmurd, B.O.B, and Rich Homie Quan, as well as two country singers. During the summer, the responses were overwhelmingly in favor of T-Pain. And students still stand-by their choice: CHC ended up overselling the number of allowed subsidized student tickets, totalling over 1300.

The concert is sponsored and funded by both the Chase Hall Committee and the Student Government Co-sponsorship fund.

According to the CHC board, “we wanted to bring an act to campus that truly checked all of the boxes—an act that everyone could rally behind and that separated Bates from other colleges.”

Ten years since his debut album was released, T-Pain will release his new album, Stoicville: The Phoenix, this December. According to T-Pain on his official website, “every song on this album is something that came out of my heart.”

In past years, the CHC has sponsored many highly anticipated and well-attended annual campus-wide events. Performers at the Big Fall Concert have included Icona Pop, K’Naan, and Chainsmokers. Other popular events include dances, such as 80’s, 90’s, Halloween, and the newly added Millennial Dance. Bates holds the nation’s second oldest collegiate Winter Carnival, a Block Party, hosts various comedians and hypnotists, and organizes Big Prize Bingo, among other events. CHC’s main goals are to provide “fun, safe, inclusive events on campus” for students.

Interested in helping plan these exciting events yourself? Attend their weekly meetings on Mondays at 8pm in Chase Hall. Anyone is welcome. All meetings are publicized in Bates Today.

The CHC encourages “anyone who wishes to voice ideas, opinions, or concerns, to attend—we are always looking for new ideas to put into action.”

For additional information about Chase Hall Committee, please refer to the clubs & organizations page on the Bates website.