ManOps perform with their usual antics. SARAH CROSBY/COURTESY PHOTO

As Halloween was turning the corner, three amazing a capella groups decided to put on a show for the student body to get them excited for the weekend. Crosstones, Deansmen and Take Note put on a theatrically entertaining show filled with great talent and Halloween spirit.

Each a capella group decided to make a set list that included pop music as well as Halloween classics. This concert took place in the Benjamin Mays Center and was filled with hyped energy and comical dance moves. The singers dressed up in creative costumes and threw candy at the audience in spirit of the holiday.

Katrina Muñoz ’18 stated, “There was a lot more acting, which made it more engaging and entertaining.” Not only were the groups singing, but they all got into full character for their performance.

Sophie Gardephe ’18, who is a member of the Crosstones, exclaims “We wanted to sing songs that were upbeat and fun, but we also wanted to sing songs that played off the theme of Halloween.” Through this deliberative decision, they did a great job with their song choices. “We chose ‘Mercy,’ ‘Black and Gold/Sun of a Gun’ and ‘Monster Mash,’ she said.

“Monster Mash” was a huge success – not only according to Gardephe but to Muñoz, an excited audience member. “Crosstones performed ‘Monster Mash.’ The lead singer was a freshman and his voice was spot on. He sounded like a vampire!”

When speaking to Gardephe, she was very proud of her group for performing “Monster Mash.” “We arranged it ourselves because it is such a fun Halloween song and we felt it would be a perfect addition to our set list! Our first year soloist, Michael Somkuti, did a fabulous job with the song!”

The ManOps also did a great job impressing the audience with their rendition of “Ghostbusters.” As Maddie Lachevre ’18 put it, “They were definitely my favorite from last night. Lead singer Calvin Hollingsworth-Coffin was the soloist for Ghostbusters and did an excellent job. They even threw candy during the song!”

This concert created by the ManOps ended up being a great success. It got everyone very excited for the rest of Halloween’s festivities. The energy of students walking out of the Mays Center after the performance was enthusiastic and mesmerized with how amazing and talented our a capella groups are.

These groups never seem to stop impressing us with their talent and creativity that represents just a portion of the talent found at Bates College.