Election results for the Bates College Student Government Senate (BCSG) seats are in. Released last Friday, but delayed due to some listserv technical difficulties, the results show the winners of two seats for each class year, as well as eleven campus senators at-large.

The BCSG has gone through some restructuring that began last year, which resulted in a constitutional referendum in March, dissolving the Representative Assembly and replacing it with the Student Senate and Executive Council made up of five elected officers intended to represent the entire student body. This referendum also gave the Student Body President, Berto Diaz, veto power. The new Senate structure hopes to streamline the bureaucratic processes involved in the BCSG and also hold student members more accountable.

This year, Senior Allen Sumrall returned from abroad to his former position as Parliamentarian. The elections were run through Garnet Gateway like in previous years, making the result turnaround much shorter than the referendum count, which was through hand-written ballots in the Fireplace Lounge.

This is a large period of transition for the BCSG and hopefully a fresh set of Senators will push the government towards their goal of fairly and efficiently allocating money to student clubs and organizations.

First-year Andres Carranza, of El Salvador, hopes to influence change by voicing “the concerns of fellow Batesies and making sure that these are heard, as well as by highlighting and pinpointing certain small – and sometimes unnoticed – issues that if fixed, can bring about a huge positive change.” Carranza looks forward to adding diversity and a positive attitude to the “welcoming, vibrant, and inclusive” Bates community.

Many seniors decided to run for seats as well, hoping to make an impact before graduation. “As seniors we have the ability to reflect on the past four years and provide insight on what changes that we think need the most attention and encourage the other classes to address these issues even after we leave,” Senior Nicole Bermudez said. She is joined by 2016 co-senator Hannah Kiesler, as well as Seniors Mark Chatkin and Lydia Merizon as senators at-large. The full election results are shown below.

Class Senator 2016

1. Hannah Kiesler

2. Nicole Bermudez

Class Senator 2017

1. Gina Ciobanu

2. Kevin Tejada

Class Senator 2018

1. Samantha Garapati

2. Matthew Davis

Class Senator 2019

1. Andres Carranza

2. Liliana Brown

Campus Senator At-Large

1. Moise Bonheur (2019)

2. Oliver Farnum (2019)

3. Katharine Gaillard (2019)

4. Andrea Russo (2019)

5. Mark Chatkin (2016)

6. Andrew Voss (2017)

7. Liliana Brown (2019)

8. Wyatt Itin (2019)

9. Lydia Merizon (2016)

10. Tyler Post (2018)

11. Jessica Seibold (2018)