A campus wide security alert was sent out Monday, September 21st after two students reported separate encounters with an unidentified person on Bates College Campus. A student reported that a man in his 30s followed her from Carnegie Science towards her place of residence near Admissions. The individual was “possibly in his 30’s, 74″-76″ tall, heavy build, wearing a dark hoodie and cargo shorts,” as recounted in the campus-wide alert. Another student reported seeing someone fitting the general description of the individual on Campus Ave prior to the encounter by Carnegie. Security requested that any students on campus who may have seen someone matching that description to contact them immediately.

No new information has come to light,” Director of Security and Campus Safety Tom Carey said Sunday evening, one week after the incident. “Although additional students did respond to the alert, nothing was generated that resulted in new information.”

“From Security’s perspective this investigation is open and active,” Carey added.

An alert like this is rare, but is part of the measures in place to help security respond quickly and keep the campus safe. Security officers are always on duty and are ready to respond to any emergency that may arise. When the situation calls for it, security maintains an open line of communication with the Lewiston Police Department. The LPD can provide additional support and information regarding individuals who may pose a threat to the campus.

There are measures in place to handle situations of this nature.

“No two situations are the same, but on duty personnel will make a judgement on actions to take, etc. based on their training and experience,” Carey said. “If it is of such a serious nature, based on the incident, the Director will be contacted relative to possible additional steps to take, as well as courtesy notification to the on-call Dean for other action as deemed necessary. Additionally, the LPD will be notified if appropriate.”

Though these occurrences are rare on Bates campus, students should always take precautions. “Be alert to your environment, know where you are and how to get to a safe location (public area, open building, campus building, car, etc.),” Carey said. “Second, let someone know where you are going if you are not on campus or home. Preferably, there is strength in numbers, at night walk with others and walk in well-lit areas.”