Last night, around 500 students at Bates received mock eviction notices posted on their doors. We, the Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine, joined other university campus movements and participated in distributing these notices to raise awareness of the regular practice of home eviction as a part of Israel’s policy of ethnic cleansing and settlement expansion in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The purpose of this action was to raise awareness of the reality that affects hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. While the response that students may have experienced pales in comparison to the experiences of Palestinians, our goal is to compel students to think empathetically about the violence that we are complicit in as Americans and as students at an academic institution invested in the state of Israel.
We want this to be a part of a larger conversation about political apathy and the myth of neutrality at Bates and elsewhere, especially with regards to Israel and Palestine, but not excluding other resistance movements across the world. We hope you will join us for an open and critical discussion about home demolition and the egregious colonial exploitation of Palestinian bodies and land. We also encourage you to start conversations about Palestine that venture outside of conventional Western narratives.