On Monday morning, students woke to find a shipwreck outside of Commons—a battle scene between the H.M.S McIntosh and the boat Academia Batesina. Mounted with canons, the H.M.S McIntosh pointed towards a sinking Bates College. Alongside the shipwreck stood a green highway sign that read, “Friendly fire from Lane Hall tragically sinks Academia Batesina…But at least there was pizza.”

Facilities Services was quick to dig up the sign and the broken canoe buried multiple feet into the ground. The H.M.S McIntosh was carted away on a trailer along with canoe and sign before eight in the morning.

Students, professors, and even Facilities Services workers were quick to take photographs before the nautical statement was removedm, the dirt was filled in, and grass seeds planted.

The identity of the people responsible remains a mystery, but speculation has already surfaced on Yik Yak and NESCAC website In The ‘Cac, mostly calling out the campus pranksters, The Juice Boys (infamous for placing the Commons knight in odd locations), as well as the Bates Sailing Team. The Sailing Team has made a statement falsifying these claims.

This has been the first form of physical protest since the Bates administration announced its decision to cancel Trick or Drink.