Next Tuesday, November 4th, voters throughout the nation will go to the polls to participate in the Midterm Elections.

The most hotly debated question at stake is whether the Democrats will be able to preserve their current 55-45 majority in the Senate. This outcome will be critical in shaping the final two years of President Obama’s term. Below are a series of predictions on regarding closely contested Senate races.

Louisiana (Win–Republicans): Although, Democratic incumbent Senator Landrieu will be able to force a run-off in a three-way race. She has been dragged down too deeply by the unpopularity of President Obama in a deeply red state and will lose in the runoff to Bill Cassidy.

Arkansas (Win–Republicans): In a similar situation as Louisiana, another Democratic incumbent will lose their seat.

Alaska (Win–Republicans): Polls indicate that the respected legacy of Senator Begich’s father in Alaska will not be enough for him to hold off Dan Sullivan.

Colorado (Win–Republicans): The traditional Republican turnout advantage in Midterm Elections will power Congressman Cory Gardner to victory over Senator Mark Udall.

Georgia (Win–Republicans): Despite a late surge by Democrat Michelle Nunn, the Republican David Perdue will hold on.

Iowa (Win–Republicans): Joni Ernst has run an impressive campaign and will capture this seat.

Kansas (Win–Independent): In an anti-incumbent wave, Independent Greg Orman will surprise Republican Senator Pat Roberts.

Kentucky (Win–Republican): Despite his poor popularity, Senator McConnell will emerge victorious over Allison Grimes.

New Hampshire (Win–Democrats): Despite a late surge by Brown, Shaheen will win a close race.

North Carolina (Win–Democrats): A libertarian candidate Sean Haugh will help Kay Hagan survive in a tight battle.

I predict the Republicans will win a majority of 52 seats to 47 for Democrats with one Independent.