After hearing the news that Sara Bareilles, one of pop cultures most talented underrated singers, was nominated for Album of the Year for her third record, The Blessed Unrest, and Best Pop Solo Performance for “Brave” at the Grammys, I was absolutely ecstatic.

However, when she didn’t take home a Grammy in either category, I could not help but throw my hands up in the air in anger. Not only does Sara Bareilles create unique music that can be both heart wrenching and inspiring, she employs words in a clever and intelligent way.

Amelia Green ‘17 echoes this sentiment by stating, “Her songs got me through a lot of rough patches in high school, and the song “Brave” is not only inspirational, but it also got me into a cappella.”

In addition to the popular song “Brave”, some of the best songs on this album include “Hercules”, “Chasing the Sun,” and “Little Black Dress”.

When listening to the song “Hercules,” I initially thought that it would be another one of her more sad songs. However, she manages to balance a mellow beginning with a chorus worthy of her powerhouse voice. And let’s not forget to pay attention to the lyrics. Part of her first verse reads, “I used to let my words wax poetic/But it melted a puddle at my feet now/It is a calcifying crime, it’s tragic/I’ve turned to petrified past life baggage.” When lyrics can double as poetry, it’s clear the song is well made.

Similarly, “Chasing the Sun” has lyrics that are incredibly deep. Not only that, but they are amazingly inspirational. The overall message of the song is that people need to appreciate the life they live and chase their dreams while they can. She does this through symbolism, contrasting tombstones and skyscrapers. Somehow she manages to tackle such a daunting task with an upbeat and catchy tune that makes you want to really listen to the lyrics she is emphasizing.

If these two songs weren’t convincing enough, nobody can resist “Little Black Dress,” one of those fun but slightly angry songs that one might listen to when fighting with a friend or significant other. “Little Black Dress” is a classic ‘dance around your room while singing into a hairbrush’ kind of tune. Some of the lyrics that exemplify this idea are, “Now I’m fighting to find the ground again, to steady my feet/Get up off my knees and just remember/That I am more than just somebody’s puppet/I can find the cord and then I’ll cut it/I stand a pretty good chance to dust myself off and dance.” She acknowledges how people may struggle with relationships, but, ultimately, each individual has the power to overcome hardships that have been placed upon them.

If you haven’t purchased Sara Bareilles’ album The Blessed Unrest already, it’s certainly not too late to do it now. All of the songs, not just the highlighted ones, are truly amazing and certainly worth checking out.

“I really enjoy her music,” says Rebeccah Bassell ’16. “She’s truly the definition of an artist through her versatility and range of experiences her songs convey.”

Let’s give Sara Bareilles the recognition she deserves through the appreciation of her music. So get out that makeshift microphone because you won’t be able to help but sing along.