The Bates Arts Society launched their website last Thursday January 30th, dedicated to spreading the art of Batesies across the campus community and signaling the true start to their presence on campus.

The first thoughts on founding an arts society – that is, according to the group’s website (, a “connected and cohesive artistic community that all individuals… can be a part of” – first came about last year; but it was not until this past semester that things really got started.  Although there have been several students organizing the Arts Society over the past semester, the club officially went public this past Thursday.

BAS pic 2All of the site’s current content stems from Bates students and spans the entire artistic spectrum, from photography and film to music and other performing arts.  The website promises, “Bates Arts Society is a creative showcase for your work – photographs, sculptures, science research videos, poetry, music, dance, painting, design, architecture, any creative work – to display to the Bates community everywhere.”

Currently certain sections of the website “don’t have a ton of content, because we’re trying to get it off the ground for now,” according to sophomore Web Designer and Co-Webmaster Michaela Scanzillo.

Because of this, the Arts Society is also always looking for new submissions to expand the arts community they’re trying to foster at Bates.

“The whole idea is that it is collaborative and non-exclusive.  If you give us work to put up, we’ll put it up,” explains Scanzillo.

Currently most of the work displayed online is from the Arts Society members themselves, but others have contributed through open mic nights and the art currently displayed at Le Ronj coffee house, a joint product of the work of the Arts House and the Arts Society.  To this day, 23 Bates artists have been featured on the website, mostly in the fields of studio art and photography, but also in film and original music.  Because the site is ever expanding and has only just launched, the amount of content is likely to increase in the coming days.

As the Bates Arts Society expands, its members continue to look for new opportunities to involve others in its goals of creating its artistic community.

BAS pic“Anytime we can collaborate with other clubs, faculty, and students in regards to planning an event, we’re more than open to partnering,” says the group’s president, sophomore Julian Bardin.  “Our whole premise is to provide the Bates community both on and off campus with an innovative, creative, and inclusive artistic community at the college.”

The Arts Society and the Film and Culture House plan to feature student-made films next Thursday, and other potential future projects, including an arts festival that might take place during this coming Short Term.  Future events will be featured on the front page of the website.  Students can also follow the Bates Arts Society on Instagram.

The Arts Society meets every Wednesday at 7 p.m. in Chase Hall Room 203, and is open to anyone.  Those wishing to submit their work can email, call, or message the Arts Society, and more details can be found online at