Online boutiques are becoming one of today’s most efficient way of shopping and business owner and designer Shawna McBean knows this best. Created right out of her small apartment in Harlem, Vibe Jewels was founded in 2011 by the New York native and single mother of Bates student Orion McBean. As a former model and fashion connoisseur, Shawna is very familiar with the fashion world and wanted to offer her expertise to the online fashionista shopper. “Everyone shops online. But not everyone has the time and patience to search multiple websites for the perfect dress or blouse at reasonable prices. Vibe Jewels provides women with one-of-a-kind elegant pieces to elevate their wardrobe with a just a click of a button. When you hear Vibe Jewels, think Neumann Marcus quality at Forever 21 prices.”

Unlike other online brands like Lulus or ASOS, every Vibe Jewels pieces are stocked in limited quantities and cannot be found anywhere else. Bridging quality with affordability, Vibe Jewels is a fashion haven for the sophisticated and stylish women of all ages. Specializing in chic accessories, clothing, handbags and jewelry, Vibe Jewels provides their shoppers with stylish yet affordable pieces made with exceptional value and quality from exclusive designers all around the country. “I out source from many different wholesale fashion designers and once I see something that I feel is very chic and stylish I know it has to be part of my collection. Collectively, all of my pieces ‘vibe’ together very well!”

Shawna always had an eye for stylish clothing pieces and after many years in retail, she began turning her dream of owning a clothing line into a reality.

“I knew I was meant to be my own boss. I was never the type to remain content working for other people. My passion and love is in fashion and I could not allow myself to throw my dreams away. I knew there was something out there bigger but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. Now I know it was my very own business, Vibe Jewels.” In the early stages, Vibe Jewels consisted of one clothing rack and a small table displaying jewelry at several NYC street fairs during the summer. Soon after, the new brand was one of small business venders at the well-known Shecky’s Girls’ Night Out events around the country.

From the street fairs and special shopping events, Vibe Jewels generated a fan base of women who enjoyed Shawna’s friendly personality, admired chic style sense, and most importantly respected the fact that a single mother from Harlem never gave up her dream to start her own business. “When I tell women I have a 21-year old daughter in college, they are so shocked that I am a single mother and a working business owner. I’ve even been told that my story inspires them to continue to work towards their dreams no matter what. I’m happy my business can do that for others.”

Vibe Jewels is currently one of the regular clothing vendors at TheMarketNYC, a market space in downtown Manhattan featuring work from local artists and designers. Shawna looks forward to eventually turning her booth there into an small boutique store in the city and is very focused on expanding her brand overseas through her website. “My dream doesn’t end here. My business idol is Tory Burch because I admire her die-hard effort that turned her small business into a worldwide brand. Having my own boutique would definitely be ideal, but spreading my brand via online allows me to reach women from all different places. I get orders from across the country and I even got one from the UK. That alone makes me proud!”

At Vibe Jewels, the fashionista shopper can find just about anything to compliment her wardrobe. Their signature piece is the handmade headband turbans perfect for any occasion. “The headband turbans are timeless staple accessories that all women can wear despite their body type and they are my best sellers! I think headpieces are a great way to style up any outfit whether you’re wearing a long sleek dress or jeans, a tee and combat boots.”

Check out Vibe Jewels latest collection on their website and follow the emerging brand via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest @VibeJewels.