Henry Morjikian, Contributing Writer


From the point of view of an eager, word-obsessed youth

who can’t look past the temptation of the English language,

we see that the reality of the situation in which we find ourselves

comes quicker to some than others.


It was an overcast morning in town

Blanket skies for as far as the eye could see

I heard my neighbor cry from his window

“It’s spreading, Doheenee!”


What was spreading I was not sure

But that did not concern me

This excellent word he used, what was it again?

I believe it was Doheenee 


I blew open the door for an opportunity to share Doheenee

My mind was bouncing on all fronts

I did not care whether it was a stretch

I just wanted to use once


There was the mailman standing at the curb

An opportunity at last!

But before I got the chance to speak

The mailman said, “Doheenee son, what behooves you to move so fast?”


I was shocked, utterly fascinated

Doheenee seemed to be catching on

I wondered who else was saying it

But before I had the chance to ask, the mailman was gone 


My mind raced!

Where else has Doheenee been heard?

I snagged my notepad

I felt an intrigue with this excellent word 


I ran into town to see with whom else I could speak

The streets were empty

The stores were closed

The aurora was uniquely bleak


A woman was running quickly down the road

“Excuse me Miss!” I exclaimed

“Doheenee son!” she replied

“Curse me,” I thought. I do not  know what this means and it makes me ashamed 


I wandered aimlessly about

Thrice removed from sense and time

The more I walked and thought

The farther I got from society and its kind


“This is hopeless,” I thought

Doheenee is suffocating me

I just spoke to someone but gathered nothing

Am I losing touch with reality? 


I returned to my street in a daze

Language is my pride, my joy!

Alas, I am unfit to be a scholar

With words I am merely a boy


I laid down in the street

“WHAT IS DOHEENEE!” I screamed

Enraged and bewildered

I jumped to my feet 


My neighbor opened his window

He was calm and collected it seemed

“It’s spreading, Doheenee”

I called to him, “What does Doheenee mean?”


“You’re asking the wrong question, son”

He gestured to me to come near

Was my lexicon about to grow by one?

But all he said was

“Get inside son, it’s invisible and it’s coming here.”