Women’s Basketball Overcomes Maine-Augusta; Davenport ’18 Scores 1000th Career Point


Sydney Beres ‘18 watches her Sam Reiss ‘18 advance the ball. JOHN NEUFELD/THE BATES STUDENT

On December 2, the women’s basketball team won an exciting home game against the Moose from the University of Maine at Augusta (Maine-Augusta) 67-58. During this game, Nina Davenport ’18 became the 20th person in Bates women’s basketball history to score 1,000 points during her career at Bates.

“It was awesome to see Nina get her thousandth point at home,” says Lyse Henshaw ’18. “I know how hard she works, so it was nice to see her get some recognition for her outstanding career at Bates.”

Davenport is currently ranked 17th at Bates for the most career points scored with 1,022 points. However, with much of the 2017-18 season still in front of her, it is almost certain that she will continue to climb further up the ranks.

I think I’ve been able to have success in college due to my passion for the game,” Davenport says. “Through the ups and downs throughout my college career, I can lean on my love for the game. Basketball has taught me to be a very disciplined and hardworking person outside of the game which can translate after my athletic career is over.”

Also notable, Davenport broke Bates’ previous record of 31 field goal attempts, set by Shirley Averill in 1979, shooting 32 during the game against Maine-Augusta. Lexie Nason ’18 also posted a career-high 12 rebounds and five assists.

While Bates had a lower accuracy in field goals (30.5%), three point field goals (24.0%) and free throws (73.3%), in comparison to Maine Augusta’s 38.8%, 35.3%, and 82.4% respectively, they were able to outshoot the Moose and earn more points.

“I think a lot of our success yesterday stemmed from our hustle and energy,” says Davenport. “Even though our shots weren’t falling, we were able to get offensive rebounds and steals. I think Lyse Henshaw was able to bring a strong spark to our offense and defense that definitely led to the team’s success.”

Maine-Augusta took the lead early in the first quarter of the game and continued to hold it until seven minutes in, when Henshaw shot a field goal that put Bates in an early lead, 11-10. By the end of the quarter, Bates was ahead 17-13.

However, the second period was tough for the Bobcats. Maine-Augusta quickly caught up to Bates two minutes into the quarter and continued to play an aggressive game. The lead shifted seven times by the end of the second quarter with Maine-Augusta coming out ahead, 36-33.

A marked shift in the game took place during the third quarter. Bates caught up to Maine-Augusta 38-38 with 4:39 on the clock after a three point jump shot from Melanie Binkhorst ’20. Less than a minute later, Bates took the lead after a strong display of teamwork. The ball was passed along the three point line, making its way to the far left of the basket. There, Nason saw an opening across the court and passed the ball to Emily Freedland ’18. Moments later, Freedland sunk a well-shot three pointer, putting Bates in the lead.

Bates continued to hold their lead over Maine-Augusta for the rest of the game. The Bobcats earned more points in the fourth quarter (22) than in any other quarter, ending the game with a nine point lead.

Davenport scored the most points (25) for Bates, followed by Carly Christofi ’20 (12), Binkhorst (11), and Henshaw (10). Backing these players were Julia Middlebrook ’21 and Nason, recording six and five assists respectively.

“I think it was a good game to kick off our home stretch in Alumni after having five away games to start the season,” Henshaw said. “We had a lot of good moments in the game whether it was our defensive energy or fast break points.”

Bates has won two games thus far this season against the University of Southern Maine and Maine-Augusta, and has lost four, cumulating in a season overall record of 2-4 as of December 11.

“Our team’s main goal this season is to be competitive in every game that we play,” says Davenport. “Our team is really focused on doing the little things, like grabbing offensive rebounds, taking charges and being really gritty on defense.”

The women’s team will play against Bowdoin this Saturday, December 16 at home held in Alumni Gymnasium at 3 p.m. This game will mark their second NESCAC game of the season.